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Spreader de contenedor doble 40 pies / 2x20 pies

Información básica

Modelo: GHE-CS-OO

Descripción del producto

Descripción del producto

El esparcidor de contenedores de doble elevación es adecuado para elevadores estándar de 20 pies, 40 pies y 45 pies.
El spreader de doble contenedor es adecuado para levantar dos contenedores de 20 pies.
Nuestro distribuidor de contenedores de unidad por sistema hidráulico.
Este nuevo tipo esparcidor de contenedores es adecuado para el lugar de trabajo frecuente.
Capacidad hasta 65 Toneladas.

Container spreader

Twin-lift container spreader can lifting twin 20ft containers at the same time. It made of hanger structure, rotary lock device, guiding device, a telescopic device and hydraulic system , with orientation alignment, automatic opening and locking, automatic telescopic function, in order to work quickly and accurately to container loading and unloading.The sling is provided with a mechanical or hydraulic telescoping mechanism, in20ft to45ft range expansion, in order to adapt to different specifications of container handling requirements.Guide device has a fixed guide plate and belt turning plate two, to achieve the spreader is positioned, with fixed guide spreader used for tire type gantry crane, rail type gantry crane for loading and unloading machinery, and with automatic turning plate (4 of each turning plate can be controlled separately) of the spreader is generally applied in the shore container cranes.


We can design according to customer requirements.

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